Mathematics Their Way 25th Anniversary Edition
ISBN# 0-201-86149-6
Note: The 25th edition is identical to the 20th edition

by Mary Baratta-Lorton

(Grades K-2) Mathematics Their Way has had a significant impact on the development of mathematics education. The vision of MATHEMATICS THEIR WAY — providing meaningful mathematics instruction without textbooks — has become a reality. This book is one of the most popular and important instructional resources for primary teachers. The classroom tested activities bring the NCTM STANDARDS to life.

MATHEMATICS THEIR WAY provides a complete range of activities essential for primary students’ development of mathematical understanding. It contains over 200 activities, including sample teaching strategies, sample letters to parents, and blackline masters. The new 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF MATH THEIR WAY includes: • an index that correlates the activities in Mathematics Their Way and the Mathematics Their Way Summary Newsletter • twelve chapter bookmarks with references to children’s literature that relate to the chapter topics • a bibliography of math related teacher resources.

One tablet of blackline masters is included with MATH THEIR WAY. It contains 61 worksheets, 9 observation sheets, and 16 assessment sheets.

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If ordering through Pearson Education, please use the ISBN# 0-201-86149-6, as Pearson Education representatives often inform callers that the book is out of print if it is ordered by title alone, since earlier editions are, in fact, out of print.

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